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Missile maker Raytheon had b. The NSM comes into the context of a broader set of developments underscoring the advantages of shaping a family of missile systems for a fleet as well. NSM has an operational range of 100 nautical miles (185 Km) and a high subsonic speed. 5 inches in diameter.

The Naval Strike Missile (NSM) is an anti-ship and land-attack missile developed by the Baltic Union company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and whose initial serial production contract was signed in June. The Naval Strike Missile is a new long-range, precision-strike weapon that can find and destroy enemy ships at distances up to 100 nautical miles. The United States Navy nsm missile pdf has made it official: The Kongsberg Naval nsm missile pdf Strike Missile (often called NSM) is its new choice for taking out enemy ships at distance. The related Joint Strike Missile jointly developed by Raytheon and Kongsberg will equip the F-35. NSM features an imaging IR-seeker, GPS navigation, a turbojet sustainer engine (for much longer ranges: 150+ km), and significantly more computer performance and digital signal processing power. As of May, Raytheon completed delivery of 180 Standard Missile-6 interceptors.

Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Tests 13 March Page 7 •Multiple firings at Pt. Key technical information The NSM is a very flexible system, which can be launched from nsm a variety of platforms against a variety of targets on sea and land. Norway-based Kongsberg Gruppen and U. Raytheon’s Naval Strike Missile will play an important role for the U. The Naval Strike Missile (NSM) is an anti-ship / land attack cruise missile developed by Norway-based Kongsberg Defence Systems. It uses Inertial, GPS and terrain-reference navigation and imaging infrared homing (with a nsm missile pdf target database aboard nsm missile pdf the nsm missile pdf missile). Box 1003, Kongsberg, Norway NO-3601 for the equipment and nsm missile pdf flight test support services in support of nsm missile pdf Naval Strike nsm missile pdf Missile (NSM) Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Phase.

index search – Choose Development-Country: "Norway", then click "Search", then pick "NSM" from the results list (direct linking N/A) 関連項目. Somewhere in the Pacific, a stealthy United States Navy warship is carrying new weapons that analysts nsm missile pdf say could help to tilt the balance of power in contested areas like the South China pdf Sea. with the NSM™ missile • Sea surveillance and tracking radar - customer selectable nsm missile pdf (optional) The NSM™ missile has unique capabilities compared to legacy anti-ship cruise missiles. ” The midrange.

5- million; no longer in production. The decision, announced last week, means that both the Littoral Combat Ship and the Navy&39;s new frigate will pack a powerful, anti-ship punch. Official NSM product page at KDA; Defpro.

The nsm missile pdf NSM can be launched pdf from vessels or coastal systems while the JSM was specifically designed to be air launched. NSM provides superior operational performance and high survivability against all enemy soft and hard kill defence systems. ­­­WASHINGTON, Octo - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Romania of Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Coastal Defense Systems (CDS) and related equipment for an estimated cost of 0 million. NSM is a successor to the Penguin anti-ship missile and is the only fifth-generation long-range nsm missile pdf precision nsm missile pdf strike nsm missile pdf missile in the world.

The NSM has been proven as a shore-based weapon already. The JSM weapon system was developed by Kongsberg based on the proven pdf Naval Strike Missile (NSM). The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required. During RIMPAC, an Army development unit fired an NSM from a standard nsm missile pdf Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT). Development work on the JSM began in Followed by Kongsberg and NDLO signing a NOK166m (.

However, saying that Brahmos’s better is like saying that 120 mm HEAT round is pdf better than Javeline anti-tank missiles. Notes: FY1998 through FY totals are actual dollars nsm appropriated. 5 million ROMANIA TAB Saur 1/2 APC: ~.

com:Norway conducted very successful NSM test firing (Febr nsm ) Missile. Romania – Naval Strike Missile (NSM) nsm Coastal nsm missile pdf nsm missile pdf Defense Systems. The NSM missile guidance system will be based on an nsm missile pdf INS/GPS navigation nsm system with an imaging IR homing head for the terminal phase and in-flight data-link. 61 million to upgrade from MLI-84 TR-85: .

nsm missile pdf The long-range, subsonic NSM anti-ship missile will be provided with a booster and will feature an stealth airframe, countermeasures-resistant design, and an innovative fragmentation. Naval Strike Missile - NSM. It carries a 488 pound warhead out to almost 70 miles.

. Skjold: 5 million, 0 nsm missile pdf million with NSM Naval Strike Missile: . The Joint Strike Missile is designed to fit in all relevant nsm missile pdf weapon stations of the F-35. The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) intends to award a sole source contract to Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS of Kongsberg, Norway, Kirkegaardsveien 45, P. The market nsm missile pdf for anti-ship missiles is a crowded one, and the distinction between anti-ship and precision land strike weapons is blurring fast. The missile has been designed to ensure a high probability of hit in the anticipated current and future challenging naval scenarios.

The ship launched Harpoon missile you are looking nsm missile pdf at a 1,523 pound missile roughly 15 feet long (12. 5-5 million Rb 12 Penguin Mk. The NSM is currently under series production for the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN) and the Polish Navy. Raytheon Company and Norway&39;s Kongsberg Defence Systems entered nsm missile pdf in teaming agreement in and Raytheon received an initial contract to produce Naval Strike Missile (NSM) launchers at its production nsm missile pdf facility in Tucson, Arizona in August. Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Norway’s Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile is a slower but stealthy missile equipped with passive sensors and a turbofan motor to reach targets up to 185 km away. The Naval Strike nsm Missile (NSM) is an anti-ship and land-attack missile developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA). .

NSM was also tested by the US nsm Navy on LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) 4 USS Coronado nsm in. A Naval Strike Missile (NSM) is launched from the Littoral Combat Ship USS Coronado (LCS 4) during a Sept. 0), suggested that six. = The JSM is designed to be a family of systems, with an air launched nsm missile pdf variant, and this has been a key driver for Norwegian government investment. JSM will be carried externally on other aircraft. The original Norwegian name was Nytt sjømålsmissil (literally New sea nsm missile pdf target missile, indicating that it is the successor of the Penguin missile). For the missile itself, Marines are looking at Lockheed Martin’s new Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), with stealthy features to penetrate enemy missile defenses, a 1,000-pound warhead, and.

Michael Ladner, program manager of the surface ship weapons office in the Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS nsm missile pdf 3. 23,, test off the coast of Southern California. Navy plans to eventually purchase 1,800 of the missiles.

5- million; no longer in production 5-5 million Joint Strike Missile (air-launched NSM): . Mugu Missile Test Range, CA•Key tests accomplished - capability against sea, nsm missile pdf littoral and overland targets •6 firings at Andoya Missile Test Range, pdf Norway•Key test accomplished - Autonomous Target Recognition (ATR), live. pdf, Air Force FY Missile procurement budget justifications; Army FY Missile procurement budget pdf justifications; Navy FY Weapons procurement budget justifications. In, the Navy selected the Naval Strike Missile for its over-the-horizon defense of littoral combat ships and future frigates. NSM uses an advanced seeker for precise targeting and carries a 500-pound class warhead with a programmable fuze. 6 The United States is currently the only nation fielding the missile, but Capt. NSM’s Joint Strike Missile counterpart may have even more potential, as a longer-range air-launched naval and land strike complement to Kongsberg’s popular Penguin short-range anti-ship missile. It has been chosen by the Royal Union Navy and is suitable to be exported.

Produced by Kongsberg, the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) and the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) are autonomous, long-range, precision missiles designed to engage high-value, well-defended targets at sea and ashore. KDA&39;s successor to the Penguin is the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), offered from onwards. 11m) first phase development contract for the JSM. 1 Development 2 Design and features 3. with the NSM™ missile • Sea surveillance and tracking radar - customer selectable (optional) The NSM™ missile has unique capabilities compared to legacy anti-ship cruise missiles. The original Norwegian name was Nytt sjømålsmissil (literally New sea target missile, indicating that it is the successor of the Penguin missile); pdf the English marketing name Naval Strike Missile was adopted later.

Missile Module nsm missile pdf Mission Package (SSMM MP) (LCS-6) Naval Strike Missile (NSM) accelerated acquisition & install for LCS-10 deployment USS GABRIELLE GIFFORDS (LCS 10) NAVAL STRIKE MISSILE LCS 17 ACCEPTANCE TRIALS Distribution A: Approved for Public Release; Distribution Unlimited. Brahmos definitely have better anti-ship nsm missile pdf capability. Learn how the USS Gabrielle Giffords became the first navy littoral combat ship to launch the NSM in nsm missile pdf an integrated. (US Navy photo) Raytheon Company and Norway&39;s Kongsberg Defence Systems are in talks to finalize a plan to assemble, integrate and test the Naval Strike Missile in the United States. Norway’s Ministry of Defense successfully test-fired the weapon from an F-16 Fighting Falcon in. 3 Antiship Missile: ~-2.

Raytheon press photo. Littoral combat ship (LCS) will be armed with 5th generation Naval Strike Missile (NSM). WASHINGTON, Octo - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Romania of Naval Strike.

The Joint Strike Missile is the only fifth-generation cruise missile designed to nsm missile pdf be launched from the internal nsm weapons bay of the F-35A. 5 million MLI-84M: . pdf The fact that NSM was a new missile – and one for which the Norwegian government had already nsm missile pdf funded full development and qualification – was one of Kongsberg’s trump cards.

NSM reached Initial Operational Capability on the new Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen-class frigates and the Norwegian Skjold Class corvettes in. The Independence class Littoral Combat Ship USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10) is in the waters off Guam taking part in exercise Pacific Griffin, during which she fired off a Naval Strike Missile (NSM). The state-of-the-art design and use nsm missile pdf of composite materials is meant to give the missile sophisticated stealth. 6 feet after the booster drops) and 13. The missile then struck a target hulk out at sea, in. According to naval-technology. com, “The NSM is a successor to the Penguin anti-ship missile and is the only fifth generation long-range precision strike missile in the world.

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